How to decide the right cooling time for the plastic parts in the injection process?

The injection molding technology is developed with the development of synthetic resins and promotes each other with the improvements in plastic injection molding machinery. At present, there are many types of synthetic resin material used in the injection molding industry and normally determined by the actual application of the injection products.


For the injection molding process, the cooling time of synthetic resin is a key factor of good quality. Properly injection, holding pressure, and cooling time can improve product quality and production efficiency, and inappropriate cooling time can easily cause warpage or deformation on the surface of the product, thereby affects the dimensional stability of the product.


How to determine the cooling time of the product in the injection molding process?

1.     For the same material used in the injection molding process, mold temperature, the wall thickness, and the demolding temperature determine the cooling time normally, and at present, there is no 100% accurate calculation formula for the exactly right cooling time.

2.     In general, the cooling time should be determined by the average temperature within the cross-section of the molded parts and the temperature of the center layer of the thinnest part of the molded parts also the temperature of the center layer of the thinnest part of the crystalline plastic parts. At the same time, it needs the time that cooling to the required temperature, and the time required for cooling to the heat distortion temperature and the time required for cooling to its melting point of the plastic.

According to the above condition variables, and use the calculation forum to get the rough cooling time, and then proceed several experiments to ensure the accuracy of the calculation results and to ensure the quality of the products during mass production

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