The draft angle

The draft angle of the product is an important factor that must be considered in the mold design. It not only affects the ejection of the product, but also has a great influence on the mold structure.

The draft angleIn general, any side wall of a molded product requires a certain draft angle so that the product can be removed from the mold. The size of draft angle depends on the surrounding conditions, and is generally ideal between 0.5° and 1°. Pay attention to the following points when choosing the draft angle:

1. The draft is generally based on the principle of reducing glue, that is, the direction of the slope. Generally, the inner hole is based on the small end, and the slope is obtained from the expansion direction; As shown below :

2. The stripping slope of the shell surface is generally greater than or equal to 3°

3. In addition to the outer shell surface, the demolding slope of the remaining features of the shell is 1° as the standard demolding slope, in particular, it can also be taken according to the following principle: the demolding slope of the reinforcing rib less than 3 high Take 0.5°, 1° for 3-5 and 1.5° for the rest; 0.5° for the draft angle of the cavity below 3 height; 1° for 3-5 and 1.5° for the rest.

4. The slope of the insertion surface is generally 1°~3°

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