Insert Mold & Over Mold

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Insert mold and over mold are two different branches of injection mold, but they have one thing in common these two types of molds need to bond two materials tightly by injection molding. Shanghai Future Mould, a professional injection mold supplier, has rich experience in insert mold and over mold manufacturing and can deal with different inserts and soft materials for coating in production.

Our strength:

1. Metal inserts sourcing

For the customers who are not available in metal inserts supplying, we can manufacture the metal inserts according to their drawings to save customers time on finding suppliers of qualified inserts. And we have good CNC machining partners who can manufacture metal inserts at good quality and lower prices.

2. Coating material suggestions

The main coating materials for over mold products are TPU and TPE in different hardness, the material and the hardness used in over mold products vary in chemical, electrical, mechanical, and we can provide our suggestions of the coating material used for your project depends on the application.

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