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FutureMould aims to provide a best future to customers through the joint service including mold&product designing, OEM Plastic Injection Mould manufacturing and mass production of plastic product. Many of our molds and plastic products, such as car sensor plastic mold, medical product injection mold, plastic airbag cover, oil engine fuel cap, and etc, have already been admitted by many famous international companies.

  • How to define the short-run mold?

    Short-run mold is different from standard molds in terms of molding principle, mold structure, mold material, etc. Also short-run molds have a short design and manufacturing cycle, low cost, and have proper product quality, and now the short-run molds become the first choice for product verifications.

  • Advantages of product design with mold suppliers

    The function and structure of products will be verified by 3D printing or vacuum forming based on the first version of the product design, after several modifications to the product structure, a final design will be done.

  • Impact testing of plastic products

    At current, the purpose of plastic testing is to analyze the fundamental properties of plastic products and material, and the main standard for references are ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, etc.

  • The brief introduction of IML process

    The technology “in mold labeling”(IML)is a kind of molding technique, the working principle is to place a preprinted label which has the pattern of the end product inside the mold, and the melted plastic mixed with PP label inside the mold.

FutureMould Tech

FutureMould CO. is the factory which is located in Shanghai, China, founded in 2016, with a strategic mission, to provide a best future to each customers and take care of our relationship of cooperation ahead of high quality product and service. This mission lives on today and sets us apart from other mold makers. FutureMould has great achievements in various industries, including auto, electric&electonic, printer, aircraft, agriculture, medical, and etc. We can also handle projects as simple as tool fabrication then deliver to you, or one-step service including product development, mass production, packing and logistics.