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FutureMould aims to provide a best future to customers through the joint service including mold&product designing, OEM Plastic Injection Mould manufacturing and mass production of plastic product. Many of our molds and plastic products, such as car sensor plastic mold, medical product injection mold, plastic airbag cover, oil engine fuel cap, and etc, have already been admitted by many famous international companies.

  • Injection molding manufacture equipment-Drill machine

    A drill machine is a machine tool used to create holes in a workpiece. It is an essential tool in the injection mold manufacturing process, where drilling is a necessary operation.

  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-Grinding machine

    Grinding machines are commonly used in injection mold processing to perform precision machining on mold surfaces. The working principle of a grinding machine is to use a high-speed rotating grinding wheel to rub against the workpiece to remove material from the workpiece surface, thereby achieving the required flatness, smoothness, and dimensional accuracy.

  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-Milling machine

    Milling machines have a wide range of applications, mainly in the fields of mechanical manufacturing, mold manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing.

  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-EDM machine

    EMD, or electrical discharge machining, is a metalworking process that uses electric sparks to erode material away. It consists of a worktable, electrode, power supply, and control system.

Shanghai Future Mould & Plastic Tech

Shanghai Future Mould & Plastic Tech is the factory which is located in Shanghai, China, founded in 2016, with a strategic mission, to provide a best future to each customers and take care of our relationship of cooperation ahead of high quality product and service. This mission lives on today and sets us apart from other mold makers. FutureMould has great achievements in various industries, including auto, electric&electonic, printer, aircraft, agriculture, medical, and etc. We can also handle projects as simple as tool fabrication then deliver to you, or one-step service including product development, mass production, packing and logistics.