Secondary Processing

Shanghai Future Mould is a plastic injection mold manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. With our advanced equipment and skilled engineers, we will continuously provide the best mold solutions to customers from all industries.


To better serve our customers from different industries, we have extended our service scales in extensive services, such as chrome-plating, medical cleaning, rapid prototyping, etc.

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1.  Chrome-plating

After long-term cooperation with automotive manufacturers in auto parts supply, we noticed that some auto parts like the car logo and car rim cover need to be chrome-plated after injection molding, and the automotive manufacturers are tired of finding suppliers. Based on this, we have taken over the chrome-plating tasks from automotive manufacturers. With years of accumulating, we now have plenty of stable chrome-plating suppliers that can provide qualified plating services.


2.  Medical cleaning

A set of medical cleaning line is installed on our site to provide our medical customers with medical product cleaning. The equipment in the production lines includes ultrasonic cleaners, oilless air compressors, and medical drying appliances that can clean the plastic products to customers’ standards of cleanness.


3.  Printing

We now have two stable printing suppliers who can do printing works at the good quality & competitive prices. The types of printing services we can offer our customers include silk-screen, thermal transfer printing and pad printing. The most common product that needs printing services is the enclosure-related components.

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