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  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-Grinding machine

    Grinding machines are commonly used in injection mold processing to perform precision machining on mold surfaces. The working principle of a grinding machine is to use a high-speed rotating grinding wheel to rub against the workpiece to remove material from the workpiece surface, thereby achieving the required flatness, smoothness, and dimensional accuracy.

  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-Milling machine

    Milling machines have a wide range of applications, mainly in the fields of mechanical manufacturing, mold manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing.

  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-EDM machine

    EMD, or electrical discharge machining, is a metalworking process that uses electric sparks to erode material away. It consists of a worktable, electrode, power supply, and control system.

  • Injection mold manufacturing equipment-Machining centers

    Machining centers are important equipment in injection mold processing, it is a multi-functional, high=precision CNC machine tool that integrates multiple machining processes such as milling and drilling into a single device, and can realize multi-axis linkage machining, with the advantages of high machining accuracy, high efficiency, high automation.

  • Four Industries That Cannot Do Without Injection Molding

    Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that converts thermoplastics into a finished product. It is a versatile and cost-effective process used by different industries to produce a wide range of plastic parts and components.

  • CNC machining in injection mold manufacturing

    CNC machining is an important process in injection mold manufacturing, which uses computer-controlled tools to remove material to create a specific shape.

  • What are the types of pressure control in injection molding?

    The pressure in injection molding includes four types: plasticizing pressure, injection pressure, holding pressure, and cooling pressure. These four pressures directly affect the plasticization of plastic and the quality of products.

  • Common tests for molded products

    Injection-molded products have a wide range of applications in various industries. To meet the requirements of use, different kinds of tests are usually conducted on the product to ensure its stability. If design defects are found, they can be adjusted as early as possible.

  • Virgin plastic or Recycled plastic?

    Virgin plastic is produced directly from natural gas or petroleum and does not contain any recycled materials. Recycled plastic, oppositely, is made from plastic products that have been recycled into particles.

  • PC-ABS Material

    PC-ABS is a thermoplastic engineering plastic that is a blend of PC and ABS. The unique performance balance depends on the ratio of PC and ABS in the blend as well as thermoplastic additives. PC-ABS combines the excellent properties of both PC and ABS, such as the toughness and heat resistance of PC and the ductility and processability of ABS.

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