Guide pillars for injection molds: functions and consideration


Guild pillars, also known as guide pins, are crucial components in injection molds, serving multiple essential purposes:

1. Guiding: guide pillars play a pivotal role in ensuring precise alignment between the moving and fixed halves of mold during opening and closing. As the mold closes, the guide pillars direct the movement of the moving half along fixed guide bushings, ensuring accurate matching of the mold cavities and cores. This prevents misalignment and collisions, safeguarding the dimensional accuracy and appearance of the molded parts.

2. Supporting: guide pillars also provide support for the moving half of the mold, particularly in large and complex mold. They can withstand the weight of the moving half and the injection pressure, preventing deformation and ensuring the strength and rigidity of the mold.

3. Positioning: in certain cases, guide pillars can serve as positioning elements. For instance, in molds with side-action core pulls. Guide pillars can precisely locate the movement of the core blocks.

4. Venting: the gap between the guide pillars and guide bushings typically serves as a venting channel, allowing air to escape from the mold cavity. This helps prevent air bubbles, shrinkage marks, and other defects.


Guide pillar selection:

1. Type and specification: select appropriate guide pillar types and specifications based on the molds structure and dimensions.

2. Material: choose guide pillars made from high-quality materials with high precision, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.


Guide pillar maintenance:

1. Inspection: regularly inspect guide pillars and guide bushings, and promptly replace and repair worn components.

2. Cleaning and lubrication: maintain the cleanliness of guide pillars and guide bushings, and apply lubricant regularly.

3. Protection: prevent guide pillars from impact or excessive lo

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