Social Support from Owner of Shanghai Future Mould&Plastic Tech.


In the mid of Jan 2020, a virus suddenly hit and effect most areas in China. Though the whole nation started to fight against it with quick actions, it still quickly spread and led to a serious attack. When it came to end of January, also the traditional Chinese New Year, the virus came to a most severe situation.

Social Welfare Activities

Grace, owner of Shanghai Future Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd, found the lackness of medical supplies of south Shanghai. She immediately purchase masks to support the front line. On the night of the first of Chinese New Year, Grace sent the 10000pcs masks herself to the place where they're urgently needed. She didn't stay long, just leave the goods in and left, but our camera caught this moving moment. Afterwards, when the helped sent their thanks, Grace just said“This place is where I start mould business, it’s my duty to do something for this place. It's extreme period now, we should unite as one and fight against it together”.

Virus is severe, but we do can overcome it with this spirit.

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