The maintenance details of medical molds


Medical mold

As a high-quality mold, its high-performance requirements are not only reflected in the molding process but also shown in the maintenance of the mold. So, what are the key points that need to be noticed in the maintenance work of medical molds?


  1. Remove the dust, oil, and rust on the outer surface to ensure that the mold is in good condition.

  2. Check the circulation of the cooling water channel.

  3. Before mass production, check whether the mechanism part of the mold is working well.

  4. Clean the residues and oil stains on the parting surface, and spray anti-rust paint if necessary.

  5. Dry the water left in the water channel.


Issues that need to be paid attention to before mass production

  1. Clean the barrel to ensure that no different materials remain in the barrel.

  2. A cleanroom is needed in the production of disposable products.

  3. Non-disposable products can be processed in a normal environment, but no impurities are allowed in the space.

  4. Operators must wear gloves to avoid product damages.



Shanghai Future Mould can provide our customers with one-stop processing services for medical-grade products. We promise you that we will conduct professional maintenance work to ensure that the mold is always in a ready-to-work condition.

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