What parameters should be considered in the process of injection mold design?


There are two templates on the injection molding machine, called a fixed template and movable template. The injection mold is fixed on these two templates by screws and pressure plates. In the working state of the injection mold machine, the injection mold moves with the movable template to drive the injection mold.


After the completion of the injection mold, we will proceed with the injection molding process. At present, there are many types of injection molding machines on the market, and each injection molding machine has rated parameters. In the mold design stage, the designer must familiar with the parameter of the injection molding machine to ensure that the injection mold matches well the customer’s injection molding machine.


There are many parameters on the injection molding machine, and here we present three points on the mold design which needs more attention by designers.


1. Injection volume

The injection volume is the maximum amount of the melted plastic that the injection molding machine can shoot at one time in the production, and also represents the maximum injection capacity of this injection molding machine. When designing the mold, the amount of melted plastic required for one production cycle should be less than the injection volume of the injection molding machine.


2. Clamping force

The clamping force is the pressing force of the injection molding machine on the template when the mold is closed. The clamping force required for the production of injection-molded products must be less than the rated clamping force of the selected injection molding machine, otherwise, flashes will occur easily.


3. Nozzle size

The nozzle of the injection molding machine is spherical. When selecting the sprue sleeve, you should ensure that the sprue sleeve is slightly larger than the nozzle radius to ensure the sealing between these two parts and avoid melted material overflow from the gap.

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