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  • Car Dashboard Manufacturers, Car Dashboard Factory, Supply Car Dashboard
  • Car Dashboard Manufacturers, Car Dashboard Factory, Supply Car Dashboard
  • Car Dashboard Manufacturers, Car Dashboard Factory, Supply Car Dashboard
  • Car Dashboard Manufacturers, Car Dashboard Factory, Supply Car Dashboard
  • Car Dashboard Manufacturers, Car Dashboard Factory, Supply Car Dashboard
  • Car Dashboard Manufacturers, Car Dashboard Factory, Supply Car Dashboard
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Car Dashboard
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The instruments of different cars are different, however, the general instrument of the automobile includes a speedometer, a tachometer, an oil pressure gauge, a water temperature gauge, a fuel gauge, etc.

A variety of indicator lights or warning lights are produced under the car dashboard, such as coolant level warning lights, fuel level indicators, transmission gear indicator, anti-lock brake system indicator, airbag warning light, etc.

The car dashboard is an interactive interface between the person and the car, which can provide the driver with the required vehicle operating data, as well as the parameters, faults, and other information while driving, and it is an indispensable part of the car.

At present, the instrument panel of the car is a combination instrument panel, the various instrument represent the different data and are integrated into one instrument panel. In appearance, the data displayed on the instrument panel is intuitive and beautiful, and the comfort level of the driver in the driving is higher.

The most prominent feature of modern instrument panels is the modularity of functions. Usually, to assemble a completed instrument needs several functional modules and combined them on the custom PCB. The prompt and alarm functions on the instrument panel are completed by diodes on the PCB. The LEDs are also the main data and source corresponding display modes displayed on the car dashboard.

car dashboard

PCB is a printed circuit board, it is normal electronic components and support for electronic components, and it is also a carrier for electronic components. It is made by electronic printing, so it is called printed circuit board.

Introduction on common instrument panel components.

1. Water temperature gauge indicating the operating temperature of the engine coolant.

2. The fuel gauge consists of a sensor and an indicator. The resistance in the line can be changed according to the fuel on different levels in the fuel tank. The change in the resistance of the fuel is used to drive the fuel pointer to achieve the indication.

3. Speedometer used to indicate the speed of the vehicle. The working principle of the magnetoelectric reaction speedometer: when the car is running, the turbine, and the soft shaft on the output shaft of the transmission drive the permanent magnet to rotate, and at the same time induce the eddy current on the aluminum bowl, so that the aluminum bowl resists the balance spring rotating to the permanent magnet. The rotation of the permanent magnet drivers the pointer to the same angle, because the intensity of the eddy current is proportional to the speed of the vehicle, the speed indicated by the pointer must also be proportional to the speed of the car.

4. The engine tachometer displays the running speed in the real-time of the engine. To obtain the voltage signal from the ignition system and get the speed signal from the engine speed sensor.

The car dashboard assembly is designed according to the structure of the car dashboard and matches the outer ring of the instrument panel. It is mainly used for the unification of decorative instrument panel and automotive interior parts, and the instrument panel assembly is well embedded into the front end of the steering wheel of the automobile, at the same time, it provides a relatively dark environment for instrument panel, which facilitates the aggregation of the indicator light of the instrument panel, and helps the driver on data reading during the day and night.

car dashboard

The car dashboard component is an essential part of the car, considering its working requirements and environmental conditions, it uses PPT30 with high strength, good insulation, water absorption, and dimensional stability as the raw material, and it is an ideal material for structural parts. The molding shrinkage is 1.2%, and the materials do not require special drying treatment before injection molding. The mold temperature is around 50-90 degrees Celsius. To reduce internal stress and deformation, it needs to use high-speed injection.

According to the analysis of the product structure and process requirements, the relative mold is designed with one cavity, and the latent gate is used to feed the material from the side so that it does not affect the aesthetic of the products, also can adopt a relatively simple two-plate mold. The gate placed into the lower part of the parting surface and enters the cavity obliquely. The production of the flow channel is automatically cut off when the moving half is separate from the fixed half and no trimming is required.

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